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Benjamin Mages

Deflection is a 3d platformer where you must navigate a series of puzzles.  Heavily inspired by Portal, the game involves bouncing projectiles off of other surfaces to hit various targets.

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Unstable Selection is a whimsical action Rogue-like about mutation. Adapt to a hostile environment by absorbing the abilities of the creatures you defeat, and become who you were meant to be!

Medical Necessity is a top-down action/puzzle shooter where the player is on a team of military fighters versing another team.  Their role is to heal the fighters on their team, and are put into various situations that require them to position themselves in certain areas and heal certain teammates to be victorious.

The Dead Mines is a 3d puzzle game where you must navigate a mine and turn off various valves that are leaking gas to the surface.  At the end, there's a surprise!

Wisp of Yggdrasil is a 3d platformers where you must make your way up the World Tree, switching between modes of movement in order to travel up the platforms before the time runs out.

Mage Dungeon

Mage Dungeon is a 2D platformer where you play as a wizard who must get through the level using your jumping prowess, sword skills, and magic spells.

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